GA Support Plans

NetBooster offers a variety of support plans that meets almost every needs. Let us handle any technical difficulties and get started analyzing your business performance, today!

Ad Hoc Support

10 Hours
€170 / hour
  • Addon Hour: €170 / hour
  • Expiration period: 6 months
  • Initial response time: 2 business days
  • Plan details:
    • Time: 10 hours
    • 1 day: 8 hours
    • Support incidents: min. 30 minutes

Monthly Support

1 day
€1.200 / month
  • Addon Day: €1.200 / day
  • Subscription duration: 3 months
  • Initial response time: 1 business day
  • Plan details:
    • Time: 1 day pr. month
    • 1 day: 8 hours
    • Support incidents: min. 30 minutes

Custom Plan

Special Price
  • Flexible support plan
  • Subscription duration: 6 months
  • Initial response time: Down to 4 hours
  • Dedicated: Support Team
  • Plan details:
    • Our custom plan is for you that have special needs for ongoing, advanced support with your GA implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Ad Hoc Support hours terminate at some point?

Yes, the hours included in our Ad Hoc Support plan will expire after 6 months. However, if you within the 6 months buy an additional Ad Hoc Support package, the expiration for all remaining support hours will be 6 months from the renewal date.

What happens if I doesn’t use my number of monthly support hours?

Our monthly plans runs in 3 or 6 months increments, which mean that your included support time will terminate in the end of each 3 or 6 month increment. Even though the plans are called pr. month, the included days can be used up front if needed, meaning that you will be able to use your 3 days of support up front if you sign up to our “1 day / month” support plan. If you need additional support you can buy additional support days. These will expire in the end of the current support plan increment.

Are there anything that the support can’t be used for?

Yes, our support plans can’t be used for training sessions in your organization. However we do offer training programs at favorable prices, so please ask us for prices and training agendas if you are interested.

What is the minimum charge when I contact you?

We charge a minimum of 30 minutes pr. inquiry. When contacting us, our consultants will measure the needed time for resolving your issues and have your approval before starting the support.